Which is the Most Intelligent Dog Breed


All of us want to buy the most intelligent dog breed for our house. We all like our dogs to perform the most intelligent task which may please us. There are various breeds of dogs available which can play a significant role in guarding your homes. Apart form guarding your homes, these dogs pleases us by various activities.

Among the most intelligent dog breed, Border Collie is considered as the most intelligent dog breed. Border Collie is happy when he has work and extremely unhappy when he is left alone. They play a useful role in many dog competitions. The second most intelligent dog breed is believed to be Poodle. Just like Border Collie, they don't want to be left alone. They are so intelligent that they can be used for hunting as well. German Shepherd is considered to be the third most intelligent dog breed. They are smart, protective and a brave dog. The fourth one in the list of intelligent dog breed is golden Retriever. It is one of the most famous dog breeds and liked by many people. They are loyal, affectionate and usually very close to children. Doberman Pinscher is the fifth most intelligent dog breed in the world. They are very loyal and have tremendous stamina to work. Shetland Sheepdogs is the sixth variety and is believed to have intelligence equal to men. They are loyal and is considered as very intelligent. The other four breeds of intelligent dogs include Labrador Retriever, The Papilon, Rottweiler and the Australian Cattle Dogs. These dogs have their own characteristic behavior, however, all of them are considered to be very intelligent.

As you can read at http://www.veanimals.com/ the intelligent dog breeds play a significant role for guarding your homes or for other professional services which includes hunting for the criminals. They are also used by police.